In the Beginning

So in this day and age its very daunting to start something new and in much like in Dota we all have to start somewhere. Even being a self proclaimed pro we still are wary of changing our hero builds, leaving the lane and missing some farm or playing that hero in an AR that we know we going to fail with.

This blog is dedicated to the player guides for each hero as best I can play them how to run with them and even how hard I may fail in doing this. So you will run with me as a play each hero trying to understand my team dynamic and my opponents draft too. All this will inevitably come down to what heroes there are left to play and how bad I want to win.

Ill try post screenshots and Videos (the screenshots shouldn’t be a problem) and will be running skins giveaways during the entire process on best comments and tips that are given to help us all in becoming a better player.

Look out for my build guide and play style for each hero as well, many many people calling me noob haha.

Laters Dota fans




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