Little about me

Ive been playing Dota for almost 11 years now which would make me a grandfather in Dota years as its 5 years in Dota years for every 1 you play.

So im 55 years old now 🙂 and going strong, I live on the other side of the work in South Africa but travel around to UK and Europe (I don’t consider UK to be Europe anymore in case you wondering) I still love the game and run regular smaller tournaments for social players for a little fun and some nice cash prizes.

I play and am online about 6 hours a day unless either hosting or playing, yes I do get out mostly over weekends or during the day to get my surf on, hike or something outdoorsy to keep me fresh and happening.

Im looking to just give some unique content and player guides and create come friendly banter I welcome you on this journey with me to go 5 years at a time together 🙂

Ps you can call me Tails i prefer the name to go unknown for now, the mystery is real haha.

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