Hero Guide :Abba

Im not sure how you guys play Abbadon as he is a very versatile hero to say the least. When I pick him i generally have a mindset to support and end up carrying a team when the carry fails. He has the ability to scale very well but be wary he can be easily countered and kited.

let start with the starting items and progression.


Starting items 2 x wards, courier and a little sustain for the lane.

I love going urn cause you for the pure stats are heal especially if you have a fighting carry like PA, stack her with Aphotic Shield and watch the charges rack up. Vlads and MeK give nice fighting and team sustain.

Situational items dependent on the position in the game and opposing heroes i do seem to side towards the Scepter and Book especially with lager team fight opposition. if im front lining later on then you’ll go heart for the carry to clean up.


The talent tree


This is very much based on situational and in what lane you are playing  having said that there are a few of the talents I would not change, at level 6 I always take the damage helps with last hits if in off lane or taking a few neutrals alone the way 15% is way to low to be considered. +5 armour, 15% cooldown reduction and +200 shield health will ensure you maximise your support and keep your fellow team mates alive.

In conclusion don’t feel bad trying to play Abba as a carry he has the skill set to do really well however will fall off in late game when other supports are able to kite him and his abilities. He is best from lv 6- 16 I would say allowing his full skillset to be taken advantage of.

Goodluck a real worthwhile hero to get good with and your team will thank you in the long run 😉 please comment if you have any suggestions


There is always a beginning

In the Beginning

So in this day and age its very daunting to start something new and in much like in Dota we all have to start somewhere. Even being a self proclaimed pro we still are wary of changing our hero builds, leaving the lane and missing some farm or playing that hero in an AR that we know we going to fail with.

This blog is dedicated to the player guides for each hero as best I can play them how to run with them and even how hard I may fail in doing this. So you will run with me as a play each hero trying to understand my team dynamic and my opponents draft too. All this will inevitably come down to what heroes there are left to play and how bad I want to win.

Ill try post screenshots and Videos (the screenshots shouldn’t be a problem) and will be running skins giveaways during the entire process on best comments and tips that are given to help us all in becoming a better player.

Look out for my build guide and play style for each hero as well, many many people calling me noob haha.

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